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Words from past students


I know looking back on the year that I've finally received what I so desperately was searching for over the past 6 years... my heart was crying out for the deep teaching, breath and life of revelation, and wisdom imparted of the kind of ancient depth I've longed for even as I read Apostle Paul's letters to Timothy when I was first called as a 14 year old girl. Because of school, I finally have peace in my calling and know that I've received the foundations necessary to actually succeed in it. It used to be such an impossible thing to attain...but I know I have the relationships in place now to climb the heights and make the journey. Moving to Des Moines, going to The Awakening School, and sitting under Apostle Greg as my teacher are the best decisions I have ever made in my life. And I say that with absolute seriousness and in no way do I make that statement lightly...

                                  - Kathleen Roling (graduate of class 2017)

This school was nothing short of amazing. I've never wanted to take any schooling because of the religious stuff you get with it. This has none of that. Come expecting a heart change and trust me you will get it. I did. Come expecting to find a cause you will find it. If you are wanting to make a difference in this world and see God touch people but don't know how or have felt left out in the cold by churches then this school will set you free to be who you are. I also had to undo some stuff I had learned over the years as it was off but I got correct teaching and got set free from wrong teaching. It will set you on the course to run your destiny with others and see God magnified in your life. For me it was a huge sacrifice to take but beyond worth it. Words won't be able to tell you how worth it is. My relationship with God has gone to all new levels because of this school and because of what I have learned and made life long friends with people in the school it's going to go up even more in the days ahead.

                                  - Shawn Honnold (graduate of class 2017)

It doesn't matter what age one is. There is a synergy here that bypasses it. We came together and learned much from skilled teachers of the Word. I gained so much wisdom and knowledge and application that my confidence is greater than before. It was worth every sacrifice to be here and nothing can take what I got from me. Come if you can. Come even if you think you can't. Just come.

                                  - Sara Masske (graduate of class 2017)


Come experience the life giving flow of spiritual fathering. Spiritual fathering is more than instruction, it is shared life. A school designed to raise sons and daughters.

Apostle Greg Crawford and his wife, Pastor Julie Crawford, are co-founders of Jubilee School of Ministry, Jubilee International School of Ministry, and The Awakening School of Leadership which now has 40+ schools in developing nations. The International School network graduates roughly 5,000 students yearly. They have grown the network of schools to stand on their own within their nation without ongoing support from the United States.


Jubilee School of Ministry in the USA has international graduates who have established schools and works in many nations of the world as well. Many have planted churches and/or orphanages, and are involved in high places of influence in governments. Today Jubilee School of Ministry is no longer a class room but is an online school of ministry training with over 350 hours of online instruction.


A School of Spiritual Fathering
A School of Kingdom

The Kingdom dynamics are seen throughout the school. Principles to overcome any obstacle are given.

A School of Holy Community

Sonship is the wineskin and holy community is the wine. Come into a New Testament community that honors and esteems each other engaged in God’s grace.

Know your identity and function in it. Then your purpose comes and finally destiny is attained. We will walk you through the pathway of discovery.

A School of Identity
A School of Opportunity

Function in your strengths and see how you fit. Know your gifting and see them working. We make room for mistakes and help you see the place you are fulfilled.

A School of Mandate

We are fulfilling prophetic words spoken over our state for the nation. We will help those graduates to plant Kingdom expressions in the earth and shift the culture. Our first focus is our state to build a network of Kingdom expression that would influence an entire nation.

We are more concerned about God’s breath on something than an anointing someone is carrying. You will learn prophetic flow and revelatory expression.

A School of the Breath of God

Awakening and reformation are occurring and the school has a revelatory dynamic not found anywhere else.

A School of Awakening




The Base

6000 Douglas Ave

Des Moines, IA 50322

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  • Finding the Heart of God

  • Fathering

  • The Heart of Worship

  • Hearts Afire

  • Fathering


2nd and 3rd year level advanced education and leadership focus

+ doctorate level classes

  • Stewarding Second Heaven

  • Healing

  • Deliverance Ministry

  • Quantum Sounds

  • The Throne of God

  • Tarrying, Prayer, Change

  • Dreams and Interpretation

  • Spiritual Warfare

  • Leadership Training

  • Death of a Vision

  • Submission and Authority

  • Excellence in Ministry

  • Ministry Ethics

  • Sin, Transgression, Iniquity

  • Understanding Redemption

  • Finding Your Identity

  • Coming into Purpose

  • Fulfilling Destiny

  • Faith

  • Righteousness

  • Prayer and Fasting

  • An Eternal Kingdom

  • Citizens of the Kingdom

  • Conversation from Heaven

  • Melchesidec Priest 

  • Kingdom Eschatology

  • 7 Graces of Christ, Nature Formed

  • Apostolic Grace, Apostolic People

  • Restoring Ancient Paths

  • The Holy Spirit

  • The Gifts of the Holy Spirit 

  • Ministry Gifts

  • Song of Solomon


We will also do customized classes for any subject you would like us to teach.

We are available for one day workshops, weekend boot camps, week long intensives, you name it. We are here to serve and equip The Body. 

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